Milestone Detox Admissions


We Make the Process Easy

We understand how to make sure that the process of entering treatment will never be overwhelming for clients or their families.

Our caring team of admissions coordinators will work to make the process as easy and non-stressful as possible. We believe that a positive admission experience better prepares our clients for healing and recovery.

Admissions Process

The Milestone Detox admissions process is simple.. Our professional admissions team understands that when you reach out for help, it can feel overwhelming. When you call Milestone you’ll be connected with a knowledgeable, caring, admissions counselor who will answer all of your questions, help address your concerns, and personally guide you through the admission process.

Contact Us:

Your Milestone admissions counselor will work with you over the phone to answer any questions you may have, discuss treatment options, and address any concerns.


The admissions team will work with you to help you complete the admission assessment. This is a 15-to-30 minute clinical evaluation of your addiction history (i.e. drug of choice, pattern of use, etc.) and mental health issues (i.e. medications, depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc.)


Your admissions counselor will help you or your loved one’s coordinate travel to the facility. Our goal is to help our clients admit to our detox facilities within 24 hours of the admission assessment.


Your admissions counselor will stay in contact with you and/or your family to ensure the admissions process runs as smoothly as possible. We schedule our driver to pick you up from the airport and driven to the facility, where professional staff will greet them.