About Us

Serving for a Purpose


With an Executive Team that has more than 50 years of combined treatment experience, we are passionate about healing those struggling with addiction. Our knowledgeable and caring clinical staff work diligently to support recovery throughout the withdrawal process.

Our Mission

Transform the lives of men and women with drug addiction, alcoholism, and prescription pain medication dependence with qualified staff by uncovering a renewed sense of purpose and health free from addiction.

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Our Values

Personal Growth: As healing is a personal journey that must come from within, we provide the environment to encourage transformation within individuals to fulfill a life of purpose. Milestone Detox lays the foundations for growth to encourage clients to transform their lives for the better.

Purpose: We believe that purpose is imperative to a successful recovery and prosperous life. We walk with our clients and guide them to finding a purpose that will motivate them to face their fears of change and become a person they never imagined.

Independence: We encourage our clients to develop the independence they will need to live a successful life after graduating from our program. This includes emotional regulation and other practical life skills learned during therapy.

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